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domingo, 29 abril 2012


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Mark de Zabaleta

Un artículo muy interesante...visto desde esa tribuna !

Mark de Zabaleta

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a journal help you discover the real You in a different manner. When you pen down all your thoughts, ideas, notes and stories on a page, you are actually expressing your inner self-that inner self which has always lived in you unexpressed and neglected. Self awareness is the key to advancement.

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Journaling has a positive impact on your well being. James Pennebaker, researcher, states that writing strengthens the immune system and decreases symptoms of asthma and arthritis. He also states that writing about stressful things helps you come to grips with them and thus reduces stress in your life.

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Journalism in India thus provides endless opportunities for prospective professionals. The job has however become more demanding and challenging. With the world that knows no boundaries and is expanding socially, economically and politically, the job of journalists requires them to walk in pace with the changes that are taking place in leaps and bounds.

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a news channel admitted that it had practiced self-censorship in covering the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq in order to ensure continued access after the regime had thrown out other media. even the chairman of particular news channel also complained of self-censorship during the invasion of Iraq due to the fear of alienating key audiences in the US.

S Buckinghams

There are so many ways to use a journal or diary in your life. There are so many ways it will support you. There are so many possibilities. And there are so many different types of journals that you can keep.

leonardo mosquera

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